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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dying OPM...

When will this song revivals end? Original Pilipino Music (OPM) is sinking down... Why don't we make some original music? There are many good composers out there who are waiting to be discovered, for example Jonathan Manalo who produce and compose the hit singles of 2001 like I Feel For You, Beautiful Days. OPM Artists like Christian Bautista, Nina, Sitti, and many more should not only focus for the fame and money that they are getting from their fans (I know fans love revivals but you have to set a new trend for the dying OPM industry). I know when you do revivals they become instant hit because you'd done a pretty good job in justifying a that remake song, but, please can we expect something fresh from you? Being an Artist and at the same time a Celebrity is difficult, but, you must try to sing an original song that people would remember, a song that will make a history in OPM, a signature song of yours that people would sing along in a karaoke in that way you'll be remembered as an Artist and a Celebrity not a celebrity who don't have an Artistry.