yamaha raptor 250r

Friday, June 15, 2007


I really love Japanese Popular Music (J-Pop) since 2001 I've been listening to this type of music and mind you all I don't speak and understand nihonggo that much, but, in order for me to fully understand the lyrcis of a Japanese song I go and consult the world wide web for some Nihonggo to English translation of the song, and you'll be surprise with the meaning or the message that the song conveys.
The beat and rhythm of J-Pop will make you dance and move on the dance floor or will make you feel good or sometimes can even make you cry. The good thing about J-Pop is the music itself, it is evolving everytime they release a new song (for sure it is a new material, a new sound but still have the same quality arrangement and composition).
Right now there are many popular J-Pop Artist like Ayumi Hamasaki, Biz', Utada Hikaru, Orange Range, and Ken Hirai to name a few.