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Monday, April 12, 2010

Totoo bang ibabalik na ang Globe IMMORTALTXT

Heard the rumors or news from everybody, and this is a very good chismiss if you say, since everybody is demanding Globe to return its ever famous IMMORTALTXT, imagine text all you want, text all you can sagad to the max, this is far the most great deal that Globe ever produced.

Some of my friends told me that IMMORTALTXT will be back this week! I hope Globe confirm this news, NOW NA! I am so excited about its return! It will be fun if this is indeed true!


Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm a Geek and I Geek Up!

Yipee! Since half of my personality is Geek. I was invited to attend Geek Up!

GeekUp! is an informal gathering of tech enthusiasts and developers. The first GeekUp! Manila was held at the G2VC Tech Bar where they featured seven new awesome inventions. There were 7 speakers and each speaker was given 10 minutes to present his/her application, with an additional 5 minutes Q&A. Applications are not limited in terms of scope – they can be web applications, mobile applications, and even new devices.

It was a “nosebleed fest” at first considering we’re not really that “techie” but later on, I got the hang of it. I really wanted to attend this because new applications always interest me. It was a very casual, intimate event but it was fun.

Almost all of them caught my attention. They were all cool. But I particularly liked three of them: SignApp Now, The Ink Squad, and Gloo.


SignApp Now is the dead simple way of creating sign up sheets. It’s so simple you don’t need to register to use it. Just create a sign up sheet and email its unique link (URL) to everyone you’d like to sign up. They just need to visit the link and sign up. They don’t need to register either. It’s that simple and easy.

You might be thinking, “Why use it when there’s the more elaborate Google Docs?” Well, that’s the thing. SignApp Now’s strength is its simplicity. For people who demand simple things, why not use a simple app. SignApp Now is the answer to the many kaartehan of other sign up apps.


Gloo is a web application that allows users to collaborate on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. In addition, Users that share a space have the ability to chat with other online users, as well as send SMS/MMS.

With Gloo, you can get to:
• Watch your favorite videos and share them with your friends.
• Chat with your online contacts.
• Post reminders with your very own Gloo post-it pad.
• Listen and share your favorite tunes with friends and family.
• Doodle, stick, and decorate!
• Personalize your space with customized themes.
…And so much more!

It reminded me so much of Google Wave but I think Gloo has its wins over Wave.

You can find the Tutorial Video here


And oh! We loved The Ink Squad, too!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Experience EL NIDO Adventure via PUERTO PRINCESA for As Low As PhP9000!

This is the ultimate destination ( October 22-26,2009 )
4 days and 4 Nights Adventure




Package Rate: 9000/pax minimum 15 participants
less than 15pax price may change

- 3 Nights Aircon Room Accomodation @ Four Season
- Aircon Van Transfer ( Exclusive for the Group Only )
( Airport Puerto Princesa to El Nido and vice versa)
- 3 days wholeday Island Hopping at El Nido
- Bagtag
- 4 Breakfast, 4 Lunch, 4 Dinner
- With official El Nido tour Guide

Not Included:
- Roundtrip airfare and Terminal fee
- Snorkeling Gears
- Snacks and Vices
- Drinking Water

For more details and itinerary, visit: www.travelandbeyond.multiply.com

Friday, August 7, 2009

Give Your Phone a Little Twist with FREE APPS!

screenshot free apps
What is Free Apps?
Free Apps is the Globe site where subscribers can download free mobile and PC applications developed by members of the Globe Labs developer pool or popular applications coming from the web. Free Apps can be accessed through the internet through; http://web.portal.globe.com.ph/globe/pmsdata.html?2110729761:target=globeweb/apps/index.html&pos=1&catg=Free or through the mobile web portal by typing web.portal.globe.com.ph in your mobile web browser.

What are the objectives of Free Apps?
▪ The vision of Free Apps is to be the showroom of applications developed by members of the developer pool of Globe Labs. It also aims to promote the developers by providing them a venue to display their products and also allow them to earn from their products through an express commercialization scheme.

▪ Free Apps also aims to provide spice to the everyday subscriber by making available applications for entertainment, productivity and information purposes. How do you download the applications in Free Apps? Para ma-gamit ang mga bagong applications gawin ang mga sumusunod:

▪ Para ma-download sa PC:

  • Pumunta sa Free Apps at i-click ang application na napili.

  • Piliin ang “SAVE” at pumili ng folder sa inyong PC kung saan ninyo gustong ilagay ang application sa inyong PC.

  • Pwede ninyong ilipat ang application sa inyong mobile sa pamamagitan ng Blue Tooth o kung Nokia ang telepono ninyo ay Nokia PC suite ang gamitin.

  • Para mailipat ang application i-double click ang application at piliin ang “OPEN”. Pag Bluetooth ang gagamitin, siguraduhing naka “pair” na ang PC at mobile ninyo.

  • I-accept lang ang mga tanong na ibibigay ng mobile.

  • I-enjoy na ang application.

▪ Para ma-download diretso sa mobile phone (Sa ngayon Globe subscribers na may GPRS phones and makaka-access dito).

  • I-open ang web browser ng inyong telepono at pumunta sa myGlobe website : http://www.web.portal.globe.com.ph/. Kung meron kayong Nokia phone, pindutin lamang ang Keypad 0 ng matagal.

  • Hanapin ang “Fee Apps” tab sa bandang kaliwa ng myGlobe site and i-click ito. Lalabas na ang mga applicatios na nasa Free Apps.

  • Sundan na lamang ang instructions kung paano i-download katulad ng pag-download sa PC.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Naruto 455 spoilers | Naruto 455

Naruto 455 will be up sooner, just keep on checking this URL

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our King of Pop is Dead

I'm a fan of his works, of his life, of his masterpiece.
His name will forever echo in the world of music.
His name will be an epic, a legend that the world had ever known.
Behind the scandals and controversies we still see him as a person capable of enduring.
A person that reflects what entertainment is, what life is all about.
We will remember him as our King of Pop.
A perfect example of struggle, survivor, controversy, and kindness.

Michael Jackson - King of Pop... One and Only King of Pop.

Naruto 453 Confirmed Spoilers

if you want juicy confirmed Naruto 453 spoilers then go to this website.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Globe Duo: Unlimited Calls 24/7

If you want unlimited calls to any landlines (telebabad) all month for an affordable price go with Globe DUO!

I am a skeptical person when it comes to promos of our local telecom providers, whether if it’s smart or globe, I am not so into their promos and gimmicks. I keep saying to myself that there will be hidden charges for these kinds of marketing strategies. Who would believe you have an unlimited call for the price of P400.00 a month flat, I did, someone invited me to join the beta testing of their latest service call Globe Duo, a service that will give you the privilege to limitless calls to any landlines phones or any Globe Duo users here in metro manila, just add P400 in your existing monthly Globe Plans and you'll get a landline number which is your key to call all you want 24/7.

I tried their service for free, I got to use it for a month and everything was so great! Because since I'm far away from home I got the chance to use Globe duo to call my friends and relatives here in metro manila, and thanks to this service, I got the chance to build a bond with my family and friends. I really think Globe has done a really great job on providing a service that is budget friendly, am pretty sure everybody will love this service, especially those who are in relationship right now; they can now use their cellular phones anywhere and call their boyfriends or girlfriends anytime.

Here are the things I loved about the Globe DUO service:
- Unlimited calls to any landlines in the metro.
- Affordable add-on service to your existing plan.
- Fun!

and here are the things that I least liked about the service.
- Limited areas only
- SMS is not covered
- Applicable only to Globe DUO users only.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Naruto 449 Confirmed Spoilers

Naruto 449
Naruto 449
Naruto 449

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Naruto 447 and Naruto 447 Spoilers

The truth behind Pains true form has been revealed, the death of his family and friend cause him anguish and unimaginable Pain. We'll here more about his story on next weeks Naruto 447 chapter.

He revealed that Amagakure and Konoha were the culprits behind the death of Yahiko and the news of them 3 being killed. It was revealed that they become famous in Amagakure because of their talents as a ninjas that even became a threat to Danzou and Hanzou, that they plotted a trap to kill them, they even took Konan as their hostage, but Hanzou didn't know that Yahiko is willing to be the sacrifice in order for Nagato to continue his dreams and save Konan, and all will be revealed in Naruto 447 chapter next week.

Naruto 447 might contain the other half of the story, how Pain and Konan form or joined Akatsuki, why Madara Uchiha is with them, and how Jiraiya fought the 6 bodies of Pain, and maybe we'll see how Naruto change Nagato's view about the shinobi system. There's a lot to be revealed in Naruto 447 next week, expect the all conversation chapter for a while.

Mangahelpers: Naruto 447 Discussion