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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Naruto 447 and Naruto 447 Spoilers

The truth behind Pains true form has been revealed, the death of his family and friend cause him anguish and unimaginable Pain. We'll here more about his story on next weeks Naruto 447 chapter.

He revealed that Amagakure and Konoha were the culprits behind the death of Yahiko and the news of them 3 being killed. It was revealed that they become famous in Amagakure because of their talents as a ninjas that even became a threat to Danzou and Hanzou, that they plotted a trap to kill them, they even took Konan as their hostage, but Hanzou didn't know that Yahiko is willing to be the sacrifice in order for Nagato to continue his dreams and save Konan, and all will be revealed in Naruto 447 chapter next week.

Naruto 447 might contain the other half of the story, how Pain and Konan form or joined Akatsuki, why Madara Uchiha is with them, and how Jiraiya fought the 6 bodies of Pain, and maybe we'll see how Naruto change Nagato's view about the shinobi system. There's a lot to be revealed in Naruto 447 next week, expect the all conversation chapter for a while.

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