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Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm a Geek and I Geek Up!

Yipee! Since half of my personality is Geek. I was invited to attend Geek Up!

GeekUp! is an informal gathering of tech enthusiasts and developers. The first GeekUp! Manila was held at the G2VC Tech Bar where they featured seven new awesome inventions. There were 7 speakers and each speaker was given 10 minutes to present his/her application, with an additional 5 minutes Q&A. Applications are not limited in terms of scope – they can be web applications, mobile applications, and even new devices.

It was a “nosebleed fest” at first considering we’re not really that “techie” but later on, I got the hang of it. I really wanted to attend this because new applications always interest me. It was a very casual, intimate event but it was fun.

Almost all of them caught my attention. They were all cool. But I particularly liked three of them: SignApp Now, The Ink Squad, and Gloo.


SignApp Now is the dead simple way of creating sign up sheets. It’s so simple you don’t need to register to use it. Just create a sign up sheet and email its unique link (URL) to everyone you’d like to sign up. They just need to visit the link and sign up. They don’t need to register either. It’s that simple and easy.

You might be thinking, “Why use it when there’s the more elaborate Google Docs?” Well, that’s the thing. SignApp Now’s strength is its simplicity. For people who demand simple things, why not use a simple app. SignApp Now is the answer to the many kaartehan of other sign up apps.


Gloo is a web application that allows users to collaborate on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. In addition, Users that share a space have the ability to chat with other online users, as well as send SMS/MMS.

With Gloo, you can get to:
• Watch your favorite videos and share them with your friends.
• Chat with your online contacts.
• Post reminders with your very own Gloo post-it pad.
• Listen and share your favorite tunes with friends and family.
• Doodle, stick, and decorate!
• Personalize your space with customized themes.
…And so much more!

It reminded me so much of Google Wave but I think Gloo has its wins over Wave.

You can find the Tutorial Video here


And oh! We loved The Ink Squad, too!

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Milo Felipe said...

Thanks for liking SignApp Now.