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Saturday, March 7, 2009


My personal basket : HOT THINGS ON THE LIST

Here are the HOT THINGS ON THE LIST I retained from last year.

1. Apple IPod Touch 2g –I bought this gadget October last year which can do everything, its a mp3 player, video player, image viewer, calendar, wi-fi enabled gadget, organizer, and many more. It can do almost everything, plus it’s a touch screen gadget. I had a hard time thinking if I should buy this product or not, because I already have my PSP Slim and Lite which can do almost the same thing, but, a lot slower.

2. Palm Treo 680 – I got this smart phone June last year, the thing that I loved about this phone is I can use it to edit, update, and view my .doc, .xls, and .ppt files that other smart phones cannot do. Compared to others this smart phone can do it in a faster and accurate rate.

Here are the HOT THINGS ON THE LIST I have to let-go.

1. PSP Slim n Slite – I have to let go of this product in terms of using it as a mp3 player and video player since I already have my Apple Ipod Touch 2g. I only use my PSP when I play my favorite games and kill some time when I’m at home. I never brought it in the office since it will be hassle to bring a bulky system with its charger and UMDs.

When buying a specific product NOW especially we’re experiencing global financial crisis, you have to consider these things before buying something, like for me, I like to buy gadgets:

• Worthy of its price.
• Suits your needs.
• Warranty.