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Saturday, March 7, 2009


What made my 2008 GREAT versus what made my 2008 not so GREAT?

My 2008 was GREAT because, first, the things I was able accomplished like getting promoted as a Senior Internet Marketing Specialist; it was a great achievement since I was able to prove something with my career life. Second, We had our much awaited family member come back, after 8 years of stay in the U.S. with no show from my auntie, she finally decided to come home (with my cousin Dane) and spend their time with us together with my Kuya who surprised us with a sudden trip back home from U.K. (surprised us with a knock on the door). Thanks to them I finally had my valid reasons to file a long vacation leave, a vacation of shopping spree, travelling galore, and never ending chit -chats.

My 2008 was NOT SO GREAT because, my favorite and only remaining Lola passed away on April 03, 2008. Heart breaking news for me since she's kindest and understanding person that I can rely on and run to whenever I have problems. Her knowledge and wisdom never fails to amaze me.

It is not what made my 2008 GREAT versus what made my 2008 not so GREAT is, it’s the things that made my 2008, the things that helped me to become a great person this year 2009.

Looking Forward:

I will keep on doing the usual things, I'll live my life with careful planning, with a timeline, I’ll keep on learning new things with life and career and I'll stop complaining with little problems.

To tell you the truth, I already planned my life, but, I never expected any of my plans to be realize, they're just my life guide. I never lived my life with expectations, I simply give my best shot in everything I do and if rewarded, a big thanks!

What do you do after the Post-Christmas Season? What does it make you feel? How do you cope?

Reward myself by buying my post-Christmas gift for myself and start saving up lots of money again. My wallet and bank account feels so empty after Christmas, and the only solution to it is not to think of the money you’ve spend last year. Haha!