yamaha raptor 250r

Saturday, March 7, 2009


After graduation I expected (unusual for me since I live my life with no expectations) to get a job that is related with BS Computer Science course., whether if it’s a high paying job or average paying job, as long as it will be a training ground that will enhance skills and knowledge.

Reality bites, it was so different when you’re living independently without the help of your parents, compared to when I’m still fresh out of college, I depend almost everything to my mom and dad (everyday allowance, laundry, shopping money). But, now I live all by myself, I am responsible for myself, I’m now the person who’s responsible for my youngest sister’s tuition fee and monthly allowance. I am not the one who’s paying the monthly bills. I am the one having the headache of how to budget my salary, and I’m the one responsible for every action that I do.

I learned that college is not only studying, college is studying hard while having fun. Prioritizing your studies first, getting high grades but not forgetting to have fun, reward yourself with the things you like to do, like partying, shopping, buying gadgets, travel, eating, and etc. College is best represented with these words: Hardship, Fun, Expose, and Live.