yamaha raptor 250r

Monday, June 25, 2007


Yes, I'm an avid fan of The Naruto Series (both Anime and Manga Series) I don't know why but I really love how the story develops how the characters grows, from the very start were Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi still forms the Team 7 up to the Naruto Shippuden (Hurricane Chronicles) were the former three man team trained under the tutelage of The Legendary 3 Sannins of Konoha, Sakura inherits the beauty, charm and abilities of Tsunade (Extra ordinary Medical Expertise and super Inhuman Strength), Naruto trains under Jiraiya, and Sasuke under Orochimaru and later on after defeating his Master formed the the Snake team. How Akatsuki began the hunting for the Tailed beast Hosts were even Gaara is no match for an Akatsuki member Deidara, and how Sakura and Chiyo defeated Sasori, how Shikamaru buried Hidan, and how Naruto defeated Kakuzu... I am so hooked-up!!!