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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Naruto 442 and Naruto 442 Spoilers

Another all talk chapter this week, but, I'm glad the chit-chats we're relevant somehow in discovering Pains true body, As I can see, Naruto will pawned Pain in the Naruto 442 chapter next week. Nagato is reaching his limit as see with the blood coming out from his mouth.

Hinata is not fatally wounded and she's going to live, I dunno why Pain didn't kill her, do you have any conclusion guys? Surely, Sakura is fast approaching and would surely heal her, I'm excited of the outcome of Konoha in the coming chapters, well I hope MH and OM members would release the Naruto 442 spoilers.

I'm curious with the condition of Ma Frog, and the countless shinobi casualties of Konoha. Did Tsunade and Katsuyu managed to save the majority of the villagers??? I hope the Naruto 442 spoilers would somehow show the state of their villagers.

Where's Yamato? I'm thinking that he might help Naruto on his search or should I say confrontation of between Nagato... Konan is still there, consider the chances that there will be a fight between Naruto and her, well I hope they'll show it in Naruto 442.

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jean ralph said...

pain was not interested in killing her , just trying to teach naruto what is it to lose someone. yamato is on its way, he was hunting for kabuto with anko and sai.