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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naruto 441

Are you excited for Naruto 441? Because if you ask me, yes! I am excited for Naruto 441 chapter! With all the revealtions made about Naruto and the sudden appearance of Yondaime Hokage. The talk is all worth it!

Revelation about Naruto's true identity is this weeks Naruto 440 topic. Yondaime know the person behind's the Kyuubi Attack 16 years ago, my theory is Yondaime Hokage not only fought the Kyuubi but also Madara Uchiha, as he revealed that Madara was there and knew about Yondaimes move. Maybe, its Yondaime versus the Kyuubi and Madara, and if that is true, then Yondaime is a proof of one of those Great Ninjas ever lived in the Shinobi World... Naruto will prove that he also deserves that praise too, I know it will happen on Naruto 441 chapter.

This weeks chapter proves that only Shodai Hokage (Hashirama Senju) is the only ninja who can defeat Madara Uchiha and it only shows that their shinobi era is the most power generation ever lived. If you think about it, no one in the Konoha Ninja have the unique skills to stop Madara even the current Hokage have no match to him (I hope Naruto 441 can prove me wrong).

Naruto 441 is something to look forward for next week, since it will be the final battle between Pain and Naruto. I do hope they'll release spoilers soon, just like what happened with this weeks chapter.

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Uc1l3l3k said...

yeah... i can't wait anymore to read naruto chapter 441

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