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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naruto 440

Can't wait for Naruto 440 next week! I hope they'll reveal more about Yondaime in Naruto 440, It's a father and son talk, I hope Kyuubi will succumb to Naruto's will since he's the son of the one who sealed him and got his respect. It only shows that the spirit of Yondaime is sealed along with the Kyuubi. He's the gate safe guard of the nine tails.

Finally, its Minato Namikaze who spilled out the truth about Naruto's identity, he revealed himself as his father, its perfect to see them meeting again after 15 years, although Minato or the Yondaime Hokage don't want to see the Kyuubi again, but he's indeed happy to see his grown up son again.

The Kyuubi was left in shock to see the person who sealed his powers to be there all the time, it only means that Minato never left Naruto or should I say Kyuubi, Minato was just waiting for the right moment to appear and prevent him from hurting everybody again. Maybe, the Kyuubi was also shocked to hear the truth about Yondaime's revelation... Jeez! I can't wait for Naruto 440 chapter! Give me the Naruto 440 spoilers!


Betlej said...

My God that is True I cant wait for Naruto 440 as well. There are so many things to clear out now that it gives me the goose bumbs! :)

Anonymous said...

i doubt minato will teach naruto anything, but help to him to become controlled and composed. i either reject the power of the fox or some how learn a new way of harnessing its power. i don't think no.2 will happen, its likely minato will help naruto overcome the fox which will in turn make him stronger for the REAL FIGHT!!! naruto vs nagato if nagato isn't stopped by kanon. i don't believe the power itachi gave naruto will not present it self now. but when NARUTO VS SASUKE

1. naruto vs fox asisted by minato
2. fox vs nagato
3. lightning ninja heading towards konaha
4. sasuke heading towards konaha
1+2+3+4= best naruto series ever