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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Naruto 438

Naruto 438

Everybody is waiting for Naruto 438 chapter. Can you guess who will be the next person to be killed? When I thought Tsunade will come running and try saving Naruto, but, I was so wrong.

And so the death of the main house member of the Hyuuga Clan arrived, yes Hinata Hyuuga dies in the hands of Pain, as was Pain is getting ready to take Naruto to their hide-out, Hinata arrives just in time to stop Pain, and later on confesses her love to Naruto, that she is willing to die and save him, and she knows for a fact that she's no match to Pain's ability, as she was preparing to use Hyuuga jutsu on Pain, she was stopped by Shinra tensei and left half-dead on the ground.

The finality of Hinata Hyuuga's life is still in question, and because of the fast phase of the chapter, Naruto suddenly transform to 6 tails, I know, you're excited about the upcoming Naruto 438 this week and what will the final outcome of the Pain versus 6 Tails Naruto.


Anonymous said...

#1 - Kakashi is not dead, because there are so many kakashi fans and if he goes it is most likely to lower amount of naruto readers.

#2 - Hinata is most likely dead because naruto wouldnt emit so much anger if all that happened was hinata getting hurt.

#3 - If you think about when naruto met itatchi in the woods and itatchi gave naruto some of his power, he said the words: "I hope that you wouldnt have to use it" meaning it could be something that could control the fox, meaning naruto can control his 6 tailed form, because itatchi probably said that line because he hopes naruto would never have to turn to the nine tailed foxes power.

#4 - People have been saying how naruto is drawing to an end, it is not true hence the title of the series: Naruto, which probably suggests it is an adventure.

#5 - I think Tobi will end up killing Negato and he creates his own New Akatsuki to destroy konoha as he has been planning it for years.

^VinS^ said...

Hinata is not most likely dead too