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Friday, February 6, 2009

Alcohol and Cake Night

I was supposed to leave the office by 4:35 PM since its Friday and I was supposed to buy a gift for a friend, while preparing to leave, RC invited us suddenly to spare some time to have couple of shots, since its Friday night and we had a busy week, so might as well give in to the invite and enjoy for few hours.

It's my first time in Barbecue Boy last night (with jody, jaymie, kiko, paolo, abby, rc, rey, sir alvin, boss marc, ronan, ico, and renwick [it was fun, fun, fun, boss marc refreshed my memory of what happened or what I've done in Potipot, shhhh]) and it was my first time to drink the Mojito, yes, the Mojito, its ingredients according to the menu are calamansi juice, rum, and honey. A special mix that is filled with vitamin c which is good to the immune system while at the same time a very healthy drink for those who have heart problems since it contains rum (an excuse for a semi-alcoholic person). If I remember it correctly, we had 12 pitchers of Mojito, luckily we didn't end up as drunkards, thanks to the super slow service (I can't blame them since the place is full and there are only 4 waiters to take a handful of orders). Anyway, we left the place by around 11:30 PM because Kiko and me suddenly craved for a slice of cake.

RC drop us at kozui since Jody wants to eat green tea ice cream and green tea cheesecake (there's a wasabi after taste, what a cheesecake!). While Kiko saw Cakes and Coffee and we both agreed to head inside and try their tempting blueberry cheesecake (I know its cheesecake night, right!?), one of the best blueberry cheesecakes I ever tasted (according to kiko I was in Cheesecake paradise), shared it with jody and ate jaymie with their yummy sweets from Kazui.

Left the place around 12:10 Midnight with our stomach fool, satisfied and free from the stressful week we had. Again, thanks Jody, Jaymie, RC, Kiko, Paolo, and Abby for the happy times last night. Yosh!