yamaha raptor 250r

Monday, January 26, 2009


InsomniaSong: Insomnia
Artist: Craig David
Album: Greatest Hits

Remember the fella? he spawned hit after hit back in 2001 (Fill Me In, Walking Away, 7 Days, & Rendezvous) with his album Bord to do it, its Craig David and he finally released his Greatest Hits compilation. Insomnia was released last November 17, 2008 as the carrier single, I know its kinda' delayed but, you gotta hear this song, its typical r&b pop song that can be played in club and make everybody groove although he sounds like hes trying to imitate American style of r&b like hearing Ne-Yo's closer, but,I still like the song whether if its American style or British style. By the way, watch out for the falsettos.

"Because i can't sleep til you're next to me
No i can't live without you no more
Oh i stay up til you're next to me
Til this house feels like it did before
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah"