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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The current single from the album Daughtry. Yes your right from the American Idol (AI) show Chris Daughtry, the 4th Runner up from Season 4, even though he didn't won the contest he still able to penetrate into the US Music Market with the help of band mates of course and Simon Fuller (AI Producer). This single reminds me of the band Nickelback (Yes the famous band that produced the hit single Photograph) but without the too much rounded husky vocals. The song is an instant hit because of the dramatic lyrics that really suits the vocals of Chris Daughtry and lets admit guys that AI is his stepping stone why his album Daughtry became an instant hit. The reason why I love this song is because it reminds me of home in the province with my family (I'll recommend this song to the young OFW's who are in the middle east). It's a very nice rock song (not so loud) and teenagers would surely love this one. Overall the song is simple and upbeat and at the same delivers a relaxing feeling. It's a theme song for people who miss their families and friends.

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vP® said...

engot ka! ako yung young people sa middle east na ni-rerefer mo ah! oo young pa ako... hahaha!