yamaha raptor 250r

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


"Hey Hey You You I don't like your Girlfriend!" If Avril Lavigne will say that line to me, WTF! I'll definitely leave my girlfriend and propose to her and tell her I can be your girlfriend!!! Enough of this crap!!! Let's go into details now, Now about the song hmm at first I didn't like the tune of the song, why? because of it's high school cheering beat! It is so high school and very girlish but one time there's this instance when I argued and fight with my girlfriend and the song suddenly pop and cross my mind and bang!!! I'm hook up with the song (Don't get me wrong people)!... The good thing about the song is the song itself, It is so simple and not that loud, You can actually hear Avril Lavigne is really enjoying the song. I think this type of song really express the talents of Avril (No wonder the song is a Smash Hit) It is no wonder why every girl in the block sing-a-long with the song. Overall the song really sounds cool and fun, It is not a typical Pop-Funk Avril song but instead a more mature and simple Pop-Rock Avril Sound.