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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Naruto 446 and Naruto 446 Spoilers

naruto 446
read confirmed naruto 446 spoilers here: MangaHelpers

long conversations makes some readers bored, but, please don't forget that these conversations in the recent chapters are crucial in order to know other side of the story about some of the characters, it gives us a glimpse of how they become to be missing ninjas or s-rank most wanted ninjas. We need get some story from the past happenings of Pain in order for us to know why did he turned to darkness after those two incidents in his life that changed him, it will be a great naruto 446 chapter next week, since the long talks will be over, now we'll be back om action that most of us missed.

im hoping that naruto 446 will reveal the fate of Nagato in Narutos hand, or the other way around, will Konan fight Naruto or Konan will choose ally with Konoha? I know everybody wants to know the plans of the Elders especially Danzo of Root Anbu division. There are too many left questions that needs an answer, or there many events that needs revelation. we just have to wait for the right time, i guess.

I hope Katsuyu won't tell Neji and his team about the location of Naruto, since they might spoil the conversation of Pain, everything might lead to disaster if they were to intervene. i hope naruto 446 spoilers will be up soon! i know you want them too. Lest just cross our fingers and pray that the naruto spoiler scanlation would here us.


TibiaRD said...

I dont think so, true spoilers will delay two weeks since next one is golden week@japan, as I heard, so we gonna need to wait 'till the other week

Angol said...

"I want to hear your story before I give you my answer." - Naruto said.

I do believe he found the answer Jiraya and Minato spoke of.

Pain will ally with Konoha. Remember Shikaku's memory 2 chapters ago?

"When I'm with Naruto...he makes me... want to walk with him." (Shikamaru speaking)

Those memories aren't just dropped in the story to take up the page, they always have some meaning, and I think in the end Pain will want to walk with Naruto, just like Gaara.

Best Regards.

^VinS^ said...


yeah, these boring chapters are crucial for the story to develop, their information about past events that shaped the story. I just don't get why people get so hasty about the fighting scenes.

Angol said...

I knew it...

and so Pain will walk with naruto :)