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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Naruto 444 and Naruto 444 Spoilers

Expect the all talks in Naruto 444 next week. I'm pretty sure there will be no action in the coming chapter (s). Naruto 443 is not as great as I expected. The climax of the story has ended, Pain losing to Naruto. It's like the this chapter is the summary of all that happen about Pain's past, from the time he defeated Jiraiya to the destruction of Konoha.

As expected from Sakura, she healed the wounds of Hinata Hyuuga (very courageous to do in helping Naruto! Becoming so reckless all for the name of love). Well I hope we see more actions i mean talks in Naruto 444 chapter this week. Have you noticed their faces? They're all left awed and surprised that Naruto has been able to defeat all six Pains (thanks to the power of Kyuubi)!

Its pretty wise for Naruto to remove all the chakra receiver rods from Yahiko Tendou Pains body, so that Nagato will not be able to use it again. I wonder what really happened to Yahiko that lead him to become Pains puppet. I have a feeling that Naruto 444 will explain everything on what really happen to Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan after Jiraiya left them.

It was not a great chapter while it is not a bad chapter after all. All we have to do now is wait for Naruto 444 and Naruto 444 spoilers, lets just wish that there will be early spoilers uploaders on MH and OM. Thank to SleepyFans for this weeks chapter!