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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Megan Joy's brother was 'American Idol's Kara DioGuardi heckler

By Christopher Rocchio, 04/01/2009

Megan Joy Corkrey's brother was the person who shouted "Broken record!" at the American Idol judge as she was giving her comments to his sister during Tuesday night's live episode, according to Us Weekly.

The incident began following Corkrey's rendition of "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley with Lauryn Hill.
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"Megan, I really like you but I think you're in trouble. Here's the thing, it's just not the song choice for you, Bob Marley. I wanna hear Adele's 'Chasing Pavements'..." said DioGuardi before Corkrey's brother yelled "broken record" from the audience.

"What did he say?" asked DioGuardi before both Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson informed her what he had said.

"Well, let me not be a broken record and say 'Chasing Pavement,' Adele, that part of your register was even getting irritating for the first time. There was no falsetto. You have a beautiful falsetto and you never use it," continued DioGuardi, who was this time met by a chorus of boos.

"Alright, you get up here and do it then!" yelled DioGuardi in response, which prompted a quick quip from Cowell.

"Don't fall out with our audience," he told her.

After Paula Abdul gave her own comments, Cowell took it upon himself to defend DioGuardi's earlier comments.

"The problem was is that the song was boring. It was indulgent, it was monotonous and all the things we all liked about you are disappearing," he said. "You are actually becoming indulgent, and nobody's gonna like that song and I agree with Kara. It just wasn't you, and it is all about song choice . It was just so boring."

Jackson agreed with Cowell and DioGuardi, likening Corkrey's performance to "watching paint dry." However the 23-year-old from Utah defended her song selection after the judges' comments.

"I think that the audience was feeling it and I think that my fans were feeling it," she told Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who asked if she understood the judges' criticism.

"I understand what they're saying and I fully intend on bringing what they have envisioned because I can understand that now," she replied. "But I liked my song."

"You've been saying that every week," said Cowell, taking a not-so-subtle jab at the "broken record" comment Corkrey's brother had hurled at DioGuardi.

However the incident apparently didn't end there, as Us reported DioGuardi decided to confront Corkrey's brother during the commercial break.

At first, DioGuardi thought Corkrey's brother was yelling "broken record" at his sister, according to Us, however he subsequently clarified that the comment was instead meant for the Idol judge.

"I am [a broken record]? Why?" asked DioGuardi, according to Us.

Corkrey's brother responded by telling DioGuardi that "packaged artist" could be her "packaged phrase," according to Us, which reported DioGuardi then "stormed off with her bodyguards."

However the rookie Idol judge apparently wasn't satisfied, as Us reported she decided to confront Corkrey's brother again during the next commercial break.

"Can you believe what he said to me?" DioGuardi reportedly asked the people sitting around Corkrey's brother.