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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Naruto 439

naruto 439

I'm in a hurry to see the Naruto 439 spoilers, yes, you heard it right, Naruto 439 spoilers! I need them now! haha... Naruto 438 was a great chapter, we saw how 6 tails Naruto broke the seal of Yamato and Kakashi. Hinata Hyuuga is still alive (any idead why Pain didn't go for the kill?).

Yamato returns to Konoha and try to seal the Kyuubi's chakra, I hope he will not be late to do it, the power of the Kyuubi is too much to handle even for Pain.

Konohagakure Village has been confirmed wiped out from the shinobi's powerful village, It's a great thing Tsunade has greatly played her role as Godaime Hokage, she proved herself worthy of the Sannin title, she saved most of the villagers by using his medical ninjutsu and her infamous Genesis Rebirth jutsu, a perfect counter attack from Pain's killing technique, Shinra Tensei.

I have to keep on eye with Pains ultimate jutsu, Chibaku Tensei, what is it? what will it do? what are its secret? Will it able to defeat Naruto and Kyuubi??? I am so excited for next week's Naruto 439 and eventually Naruto 440 chapter.

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whe said...

is pain at his climax? yes, your question same as me, about power of chibaku.. go naruto go...