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Saturday, March 7, 2009


If you ask me if I look forward to Valentine’s Day, my answer is yes. Why? Because it’s the day that is dedicated to love, its the only special day in the calendar that’s much celebrated by everyone in the world. Even families, lovers, friends, and even our grannies celebrate this day. I consider Valentines Day as a day of sharing and pouring of emotions, declaring love to everyone who’s been part of my wonderful year.

I feel happy on Valentine’s Day, because I can see and feel the love on this day, I always see couples on the street holding hands and kissing. And I can sense that the world is in a state of love and peace on Valentine’s Day.

My favorite Valentine moment happened last February 12, it was a pre-Valentine’s date. It was actually a friendly date with Kate. I consider it as a singles night date, Kate and I celebrate the night dining at Italianni’s restaurant, we chit chat about the things that happened to us in the past 3 years, the ups and downs of our past relationships, career, and life. As I mentioned a while ago Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers.

I can say that my Valentine’s was super because I finally got the time to spend quality time with a friend. I got the chance to share my frustrations, my problems, my ordeals, and my achievements in life.

If given an opportunity to spend a perfect Valentine’s, I would like to spend it romancing with my partner in a very romantic place like Enoshima island in Fujisawa-city (Kanagawa prefecture, Japan), an island full of illuminations from its observatory lighthouse on weekends plus the romantic view of its beach.

Valentine’s Day is also the day of many weeding or marriage proposals and also a perfect day to tie the knot for some couples. Err, if you ask me what I think about marriage. Here’s my answer, marriage is a sacred thing and should be treated as an everlasting vow of love, honor, loyalty, and faithfulness to your would be partner in life.

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Doublebanker said...

V-Day is great to justify getting a sitter and spending some time alone with the wife!!

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