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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eearly Escapade to Potipot

Kiko, Vins, Ren, PaoloMany things happened last week, and I was left in a state of amazement, why? Because, I'd been able to bond with the SEO Team and the other hitch hikers from the other teams who joined our Team building. Some of the events that happened are series of unfortunate events that I'll be keeping to myself, because If I reveal them, it will cause me great loss... Literally.

We arrive at Dawal resort 1:05PM, after unpacking our things in the dormitory, we took our lunch by 1:30PM, rested for a while, then prepared the things (food, beverages, towels, etc.) we will be bringing in the Island and by 2:15 we took the boat going to Potipot Island.
SEO Lost castPotipot Island was of the few beaches that I considered the least that I will go to and spend the whole day just to tan myself. But, after seeing the beauty of the island, boy, the 6 hours travel was all worth it, the fine white sand, the clear blue sky, the lusciously green trees, and the clear blue waters. Swear to god it was paradise, thanks to the season the beach is not that crowded and pave way for me to really appreciate the beauty of the Island.

Potipot Island SunsetWe waited for the sunset, 5:30PM we leave the sandy part of the beach and headed in the western part of the island and alas we arrived at what it seems like old ruins, debris are everywhere and that gave beauty on that west side of Potipot. We waited for the sunset and everybody looked for a nice place to catch the setting of the sun... And it was a moment of silence, left amazed and bewildered by the sunset.


Doublebanker said...

Your widget on the next post now show THE BOSS on top...returned the favor!

yoshke.com said...

hindi pa ko nakapunta jan. pero mukha ngang maganda. one of these days.