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Friday, January 16, 2009

Yet another Randomness...

Friend1: Vins andiyan ka pala (inuman kasama ng mga ka opisina)?

Am I that boring? I guess yes, if people do not know me that well... I know there's part of me that is emo but not that kind of super emo, and I also know for a fact that I'm a little introvert and reserved and I don't know why, hehe. My close friends knew me as vins the One Liner Man, since I crack a joke once in every century (LOL) and believe they're laughing on the ground when throw some jokes, imagine me saying it with a straight and expressionless face, haha,

Friend 2: Daldal mo! nakakain ka ba ng drugs mo (referring to my addiction)?

Vins is talkative and got a lot to share when he's with his college best friends and office mates/friends especially when he is with Jody, because as you all know vins and jody have the same like, SWEETS. Yes dear readers Vins have a sweet tooth since birth and he loves every kinds of chocolates especially the dark and bitter ones.

Friend 3: Vins what are you doing man (read below and you'll get what I mean)!?

Its been while since I had a girlfriend, let me think and count the months past, hmm, yeah its been 7 months and counting, but, I am not in a hurry to engage or commit myself to somebody, since a relationship can wait. My friends keep on teasing me of not courting a girl that I like but, NO... Yes, I like her because she's smart, pretty and nice, I am not ashamed to say that I have a crush on her and that is all there is to it, nothing less but definitely there will be more, I guess so, maybe in the coming days or weeks but definitely not months, haha.