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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sine Totoo: Pantasya ng Bayan

Its already 12:57 AM and I am left here amazed, shocked, and awed by the Sine Totoo: Pantasya ng Bayan, a documentary about lost filipino classic films... Classic filipino films are part of our colorful and interesting culture, a part of our history, an art that shaped our present media and entertainment that should or must be treasured.

GMA 7's Sine Totoo helped the crusaders of our lost films to locate the treasures which are the missing original classic filipino films like Darna. Interestingly Darna was not found here in the philippines but in Thailand were filipino films had high impact and influence in their film industry.

As I searched the web, I found out that Genghis Khan movie is on sell as high as $10,000 (original film in tagalog) in California. It's funny to see that us filipino can't even protect and value our own masterpiece, it simply shows that some of us filipino has lost the love for our culture and history.

The government should do something about these treasures by means of financing or providing a world class film archive and work hand-in-hand with our local film industry and setting aside the political side in order to achieve the goal of preserving filipino arts.