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Monday, January 12, 2009

iTunes... iTunes... iTunes...

Let me give a background about what happened today, I've been adding songs from 2 different itunes, one is installed from my pc in Pampanga and the other one is installed here in my laptop, and I never encountereded any problem, until today, at this very moment, when I thought everything was going fine adding new songs from my laptop's itunes, then I noticed the long orange bar on itunes, yes its a long orange one, the one you see getting longer when you add something in your ipod (blue for songs, yellow for photos, purple for videos, and orange for other media files) and it means that itunes just proclaimed the old songs on my ipod playlist to be another media, meaning, everything was reduced to nothing or what itunes did is it created a new default playlist and declared it as my current playlist and so the recent ones were archive somewhere in my ipod.

Now I cannot find a way on how to restore my old songs, I will not last the whole week without any music on my ears and I cannot work without my favorite songs. The only option that I can do right now is go home to Pampanga and sync again all my deleted / archived songs or I can stay here all night and download every songs that I can remember, jeez 1021 songs, my head ache rights now and I am losing my sanity.

I know, maybe someone might had changed my itunes settings, but, at least they should have given me warning message that my current ipod music playlist would be deleted if I continue and besides itunes should have created an instant backup of my songs, videos, and stuff that are currently in my ipod.

WTF!? Wish me luck!!!


yoshke.com said...

uwi ka na lang ng Pampanga. wahahaha

^VinS^ said...

oo nga eh, bukas ako uuwi, tsk, kainis!