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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday Estimates

Friday estimates just arrived and Four Christmases leads the daily gross amounting to $13,000,000+ while twilight trailed behind with $11,000,000+, thanks to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, US Box office soared high and expect a high weekend turn out this weekend who will lead the pack? Will it be Four Christmases or Twilight? I'll keep you posted guys and gals.


Janus said...

people are going crazy over twilight. I have to read the book first before i will see this movie. tnx for this info, im just hopping through!


^VinS^ said...

yeah, i think the movie was just way too commercialized and they cast the most prettiest and fresh looking actors to attract more teens to watch the movie.

It was an 'OK' movie.

Janus said...

well I happen not to like the movie. haha. i prefer reading the book.

I was expecting too much.. Damn.