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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Career, Jealousy, Life

I've been very busy for the past few days and I cannot believe that I am that productive and that my life in the office can be so busy. After I lost or should I say quit the my part time job I felt that my career life was getting a little bit boring, and I realized that at my age I should be getting a little serious about what I must do and should do with my life, I know I am only 22, but, whenever I hear the success of my friends I get a little bit frustrated and pressured, for example Kate who's now an assistant program manager at CitiBank Makati City, I feel happy for her while at the same time a little bit disappointed about my self because of the feeling of lost, the feeling of I did not pursue the original goals that I planned... Vee-pee whos now a senior copy editor at PCMagazine UAE whom I am really happy about and not jealous because I never imagined myself being a copywriter or a copyeditor (haha, well I write because it is my hobby).

Thinking of the past 2 years I can say that am a successful person in my chosen field but If you ask me? I want more, I want bigger things, the ambitious things, I want to fulfill my plan that by the age of 25 I must already have my own business and have 5 million pesos in my bank account...