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Monday, June 23, 2008

I met a lovely bitch

You read it right, I met a lovely bitch in a place where fashionistas are everywhere. In an unexpected place and at an unexpected time, I met her while walking in a park somewhere in HK. She was sitting and watching the sunset, when suddenly I saw her waving her hands at me. Yes, she caught me glancing at her. I approached her with my knees trembling and she suddenly asked me, "What are you staring at?" I told her, "Oh nothing. You caught my attention because I was amazed by the way you stared at the sunset." (Crap! I never thought I'd say those words in front of a girl!) The chit chat continued.

I didn't notice that it was already past 7:30 PM, so I asked her where she lived and if she rode a cab or a coach going home. She answered, "No, I just live in the 25th floor of **** Building". I asked if I may accompany her home, and to my surprise, she answered me with another smile (which is the best way to say yes). She's beautiful, funny, kind, and smart, too. She's half-Chinese and half-British, and she studies at **** *** University as a 3rd Year Fine Arts student. She's also the only child in the family. Her cousins often call her Lovely Bitch (that's what she told me) of the Family because of her wit, charm, and bitchy attitude when someone tries to undermine her. And I gotta tell you, she has that bitchy yet sweet attitude and I'm kinda attracted to that. Finally we arrived at their unit's front door and before she pressed the doorbell she asked me if we can meet up again the next day. Of course I answered YES! She gave me her number (one of the greatest things that I ever could hope/wish for). Her dad is kinda strict and I didn't wanna spoil the evening. I don't want her father to scold her.

I didn't notice that I was starting to fall for her. I was mesmerized without knowing it. Hahaha, corny but true. This feeling is kind of amazing and I can feel my heart pounding while I write this blog entry (and I don't know why).

By the way her name is Sue...

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~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

oh the mystery of love at first sight... :)