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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nike shines a light

Customises its kicks and shows us the way home in the dark

Ever since we saw Michael J Fox's electronic, automatic Nike "sneakers" with power laces that did themselves up in Back To The Future II, we've hankered after a pair of high tech trainers. And by that we mean technology orientated Nikes rather than a pair of actual Hi-Techs. It's not the Eighties you know.

And yes, we know the Wi-Fi wired Nike Dunks were a cool concept, but anyone who's ever watched a T3.com video report will know we're all about the fashion, and the Dunks were uglier than Avram Grant in a girdle.

Enter the next gen. Utterly customised, the Illuminated Confusion shoes sport a pattern print with "neon green light-up lateral sides that either blink or glow". Just power each shoe up with a standard AAA battery (rechargeable USB cell preferable of course), hit the streets and never get hit by passing night time traffic again. Probably.

There's currently a two-to-three week waiting list, but that should just give you time to save up for the $400 price tag. Ouch. If it's any consolation, you do get a "free custom box" with each order. And when they mean free, they mean $400.

source: T3

Honestly I'm a Nike fanatic and I got to admit that every time they release an innovative set of shoes it will just simply amaze us and urge us to buy one (and I loved the Air Max 20, thats why I rarely wear them).

But, with this one, for a green neon light nike's jeesh $400 price tag is way too much, and take note its battery operated! Imagine the cost of changing its batteries.

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