yamaha raptor 250r

Saturday, May 24, 2008


After Sax, Party place, and Padis point here comes eNVy a new place that Onch revealed to me, and I got to say that the place really looks nice (except the comfort rooms... err), I love the sounds they are playin' especially the remixes, one of the club owners told me that most of the dance club music they're playin' are from Onch (now I know why you're famous in eNVy but of course plus the girls ahem!).
By the way, the place was awesome! I love the ambiance and the design of the club, plus the people are so fantastic, many of the "well reknown" in Pampanga are dancing and bouncing here (according to Onch, I dunno if that's a concrete fact), and the girls here are WOW (See it to believe it, Girls night out every Wednesday that's why guys lurk in the club on Wednesday's)!
So if you happen to pass by my province and looking for a place to hang-out and bounce, here's the right place for you (you can also try Sax in Angeles City and Party Place)