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Sunday, April 27, 2008


God thank you for everything, I am so grateful that you were always there to guide me and to support me.

I came to realize the importance of life and its ups and downs, I thank you for letting me experience the hardships and struggles especially when financial crisis struck our family when I was just only 8 years old, I came to realize whats the true value of money...

Lord, thank you for all the opportunities you have been giving me, this opportunities led me to where I am right now.

Lord, thank you for giving me friends who stand and stood by me all the time.

Lord, thank you for showing me rejections, because it helps me to become a better person (even though if was a hell of an emotional roller coaster ride).

Lord, thank you for giving me an almost perfect family.


A life changing scenario happened last Sunday that's why I came up with this thank you prayer post...

Don't you worry guys this is not a suicidal letter! I am VinS! I'm a living proof of Life! Test of Time is what I represent, and I just want to thank God for everything he has done to me (good or bad) and for everybody that are close to me. I just want to give him a shout out in my blog.



yoshke said...

so anong life-changing scenario yun. KWENTO! KWENTO! KWENTO!


^VinS^ said...

In due time, e popost ko din yun.
I'll give you an idea, third life ko na to.