yamaha raptor 250r

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Life, My Music

My Life, My Music is fading away, like a song coming to its final verse... verging to its final last beat. I don't want to be labeled as an EMO centric or something like EMO laslas, EMO Talon, or worse EMO Lunod! I can't even understand myself either. There are times in my life when I feel this kind of emotions, that I simply want to fade away or just simply disappear.

God, I miss everybody! I miss VeePee, Onch, Otee, Foxy, Noel, Bebang, Shayne, Kate, and FJ. What the hell is happening to me... Am I too serious about my life? Why do I feel this kind of emotions? I only encounter this feelings if I offended or displeased somebody or someone that is important/special to me (Whos that person? The F@#k!)...

I am stressed out already!