yamaha raptor 250r

Monday, April 21, 2008

Its been 2 years

Its already been 2 years since we graduated! Wow! time really runs fast and I am not getting any younger! WTF!? Guys do you still remember when we almost failed our Thesis!? Remember Sir Juanito "Ken" Q. Paras II? Our terror thesis professor. The one who gave us serious headaches and pain in the a@@ (because of you we brought out our full potentials, we truly did exert and applied all the things we learned...), but hey thanks to him we finished our thesis with flying colors! hehehe, I really miss being a college student!

Me, Shayne, VeePee, Bebang, Noel, Raissa, & Allen

Onch & Otee

Ciara, Robert, Shayne, Allen, Me, Noel, Raissa, Bebang, & Vee Pee

Shayne, Raissa, Noel, Foxy, Onch, Bebang, VeePee

Sorry for the mixed-up thoughts... ktnxbye