yamaha raptor 250r

Thursday, April 24, 2008


One of this day I'll drive a car when going to office, Damn I can't take the heat any longer. I had a checked-up yesterday and my doctor told me that I'm a candidate for Sepsis and stress is not good for me. But how can I drive when I don't have my drivers license? LOLZ, Dad will make a way (evil smile), Its been a while since I drove a car, if I'm not mistaken its been a year, HAHA! Before that I must practice driving again or better to say I should take a driving 101 test on Sunday. So wish me luck!

I almost forgot! Driving is not an option, I'm busy finding an apartment or room for rent that is near to the office.

(Vins you are so lazy!)


Lauren said...

I would love to bring a car everyday to work, too.. kung hindi lang problema ang parking dito :))

^VinS^ said...

OO nga eh, tagal ko na ngang balak na magdala ng kotse, kaso hassle sa parking at traffic.