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Monday, February 25, 2008

Cinema Paradiso

Progress always comes late a quote from a Alfredo that truly reflects every situation. Well the movie was boring, but, it really amused me especially how the characters evolved/developed (because of this you wont notice the boring stuff of the movie). For me, the movie really signifies growth, how a person matures over the course of time, in order for us to learn and to focus on what we really want to do or to achieve our goals we need to set aside our emotions, sacrifice things that we really love, and to leave the excess baggage or set aside the things that set us back from doing or achieving those goals (very EMO but true).

All in all Cinema Paradiso is an examination of change. Times change, people change, and so do their priorities. It's a perfect movie of a never ending cycle of life, that people needs to discover and find his sole purpose and his role on this earth...

FYI: I really hate Art Films... But after watching the movie Malena, my views actually changed and I began to appreciate and to like art films.