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Friday, January 4, 2008

My Movie Star Double

My movie star double!

Thanks to Mr. TJ Cafuir

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A space cadet (in the nicest sense of the word) like you needs to be played by someone who has his own positive outlook on life, someone who is completely loyal, someone who is unbelievably endearing, someone like Chris Klein.

Whether he's palling around with his buddies in movies like Election, or playing the ultra sweet crooner in American Pie, Chris has the right stuff to play the part of someone who's seemingly clueless at times, but oddly intuitive when it matters most.

Like the roles that Chris has made famous, you might tend to get preoccupied when people are talking around you. But who cares if you jump back into the conversation with a slightly bizarre comment or two? It just means your mind has been wandering in interesting places. You, like Chris in his supporting roles, probably prefer to dedicate your full attention to the things that give you the most joy: your friends, your family, or a cause you're dedicated to. But ultimately, that's part of what attracts people to you and why they love having your good heart and supersensitive brain around. And that's also why Chris Klein is a shoe-in to star in the movie of your life.