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Friday, January 11, 2008

January 09, 1986

The day when my parent's misery was born. LOL! It's been a stumbling 22 years of existence... The 379th Anniversary of The Black Nazarene celebration marks the day of the birth of a stubborn and unreliable child of a family and that is me! But I've changed a lot... I changed the way I see life and changed the way I viewed myself 20 years from now. I learned that money only provides and I learned that maturity is a continual process. Along with this I also realized how and when to respect people and their perspectives, that friends are priceless, and ultimately come to a conclusion that GOD will and never leave me - that he's my ultimate and absolute defense!

The only thing that will never change is my shyness... May alam ba kayong drugstore na nagbebenta ng pantanggal ng hiya???