yamaha raptor 250r

Sunday, June 10, 2007

U + Ur Hand

U + Ur Hand... A message for us all people who thinks that they can get lay every guys or every girls in the dance floor, You know who you are hi fivin', talking shit, but, you going home alone aren't you? no need to elaborate more you know yourselves... The song really has message and it depicts the happenings in a night club and to young people also. P!nk wrote the song together with Luke Gottwald, Max Martin and Rami. According to an interview with MTV she always finds it irritating when boys are riding on her when she is dancing in a club. "When you turn a boy down in a club you are automatically a lesbian according to them". She heard a boy once say, "Oh well it's just me and my hand tonight", after a girl turned him down. P!nk found that funny and started to write a song about it. The song is about women at a bar who shoot down guys who want to buy them drinks in exchange for sex (I'm guilty)...